ZappoTV Brings iOS Content To TVs

December 20, 2011 by

With the introduction of several new features part of the redesigned ZappoTV app (ZappoTV 2.0), we were covered by several publications and news outlets.

Check out what Twice had to say about us


ZappoTV Brings iOS Content To TVs

By Greg Tarr — TWICE, 12/19/2011

SANTA CLARA, CALIF. — ZappoTV introduced Monday a free Mobile Media Center application for iOS devices, allowing users to combine their media content via mobile device and watch it on an Internet-connected television.

The app, which is available starting today for free through the Apple App Store, supports DLNA and UPnP protocols to send content to DLNA compliant televisions and a variety of DLNA compliant set-top boxes without the need for any additional hardware.

Currently Samsung and LG TVs offer the DLNA needed to play the ZappoTV relayed content.

Supported media players and media center solutions include: the Western Digital Media Players (WDTV Live, WDTV Live Plus, WDTV Live Hub Media Center), XBMC, Xbox 360 (in Media Center Extender Mode), Popcorn Hour, LG Connected TVs and Samsung Connected TVs.

ZappoTV provides a proprietary enhancement layer, which extends home-networking protocols to allow connected TVs, media players and other such devices to access Internet-based content and make them work seamlessly together, the company said.

The app was designed to allow users to find, access and play on TV screens podcasts, photos and videos from Facebook, Picasa or Flickr, and user-generated movies, photos and music stored on their phone or home computer or server, as well as content aggregated by ZappoTV, the company said.

“So much content is being consumed on PCs and laptops, but management, storage and real engagement happens on personal devices like smartphones and tablets,” said Jan van Ottele, CEO of ZappoTV. “ZappoTV sees the TV as a place to deliver entertainment while management is handled on the mobile device. Consumers have media all over the place, on phones, servers, and the web, because we have so many devices and places where we share our content. ZappoTV was designed to help people enjoy and manage all their media from one place — their mobile device — and finally enjoy it on the big screen.

” Initially, Ottele told TWICE the company is focusing on getting the free app out into consumers’ hands and letting them get familiar with its benefits. In a year or so, the company will begin to implement revenue generating models including the use of advertising.

The company is exploring developing versions compatible with Android phones for future releases, Ottele said.


ZappoTV 2.0 Has Launched – Introducing Topic Channels for Your TV

December 20, 2011 by

Today, we launched ZappoTV 2.0 in the iTunes App Store.  We hope that you are as excited as us since we have been working for a while on several enhancements that make working with the ZappoTV and ZappoTV HD applications even more enjoyable.

Some major enhancements and new features include:

  • Usual Bug Fixes
  • Discovery of compatible devices now takes place in the background.  This means that you no longer will have to wait to start using ZappoTV.  Launch the app … select content you like … and watch it on TV.
  • Topic Channels – Not sure what you would like to watch? ZappoTV helps you in bringing relevant, current, and trending content right to you. A cool new way to browse and discover content is now literally available at your fingertips.
  • Slideshows – Create cool slideshows using the photos you have stored on the mobile device (iPhone/iPod, or iPad). Simply add a music track to it and voila!  Now you can watch it on TV! This is how sharing photos with friends and family is supposed to be. A great lean back experience for all to enjoy.

Check out the latest versions on iTunes: ZappoTV for the iPhone and iPod and ZappoTV HD for the iPad

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ZappoTV 1.4.4. Release Available – iOS 5 and Samsung TV Bug Fixes

October 31, 2011 by

ZappoTV Version 1.4.4. is now available on the iTunes App Store for both the iPhone, iPod, and the iPad (ZappoTV HD).

The latest release includes the following:

– Bug Fixes for iOS 5

– Better support for sending iDevice videos to the Samsung TV

This means that you are able to watch the videos you shot with your iPhone, iPod, or iPad2 on your Samsung TV.  So, check it out and start sharing your videos with your friends.

You can download ZappoTV for your iPhone or iPod here:

You can download ZappoTV HD for your iPad here:

See you on ZappoTV soon,


ZappoTV 1.4.3. released today! iOS 5 and Samsung TV bugfixes.

October 24, 2011 by

Today we released ZappoTV 1.4.3. for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The bugs that appeared after the about 60% of our userbase updated to iOS 5 have been fixed! Another important fix: when you have a Samsung Smart TV, you can now use ZappoTV not only to play your MP3 music from iTunes to your Samsung TV, but also your M4A files!

Give it a try and let us know if it works for you.



ZappoTV 1.4.1 Has Been Released – LG TVs Now Supported

August 20, 2011 by

Thanks for checking out our blog to learn more about ZappoTV.

ZappoTV 1.4.1 is now available on the iTunes App Store.  Download ZappoTV for FREE and unlock the potential of your connected device and TV.


We appreciate all of the support and feedback that we received from all of you to make ZappoTV and ZappoTV HD better with each update. As part of this latest update, we have been able to address several bug fixes and performance issues, making this version even more stable than the previous one.


Here is a summary of what’s new in Version 1.4.1 of ZappoTV:

One-time Login Screen.

This means that once you are logged into the ZappoTV app on your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad and you restart the application, you will no longer need to enter your username and password to get started!  When launching ZappoTV, you will immediately end up on the Browse Screen from which you can make your content selection.  If you want to see what external play-out devices are available and/or selected, simply select “Devices”, available at the bottom of the ZappoTV app screen

Support for LG TVs with DLNA Renderer profile (DMR)

Do you own a new LG Internet-connectable TV?  If so, you are now able to use ZappoTV to bring more content to the Big Screen!  Enjoy your photos, videos, and music from your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad. In addition, you are now also able to access your content from your local media server as well as your Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, and YouTube account.  All of your content at the tip of your fingers.  Simply Browse, Select, and Watch!


Summary Of Fixes:

  • WD TV Live “currently in use” message
  • Streaming YouTube, Video Podcasts and Facebook Videos to the Samsung TV
  • Viewing photos from Local Media Servers on the iDevice
  • XBMC fix for time outs in http connections
  • Filtering for PNG and JPEG photos for Samsung TV
  • Numerous bug fixes and memory leaks fixed.


Other Stuff:


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User Manual:

Do you want to become a Pro User of ZappoTV (or simply wondered how something works)?

Check out the ZappoTV App Manual. The manual contains many screenshots and detailed descriptions:


Supported Devices:

In addition to Samsung and Sony TVs being supported, ZappoTV now also supports Apple TV (through AirPlay) as well as LG Internet-Connected TVs.

Check out our complete list of supported devices:



A handy reference in case you are encountering some issues when setting up your connected device or when you are trying to use one of the supported media center solutions (i.e. XBMC, Xbox 360 in Media Center Extender mode) is available here:


Stay tuned for more updates and news to come.

See you on ZappoTV!


The ZappoTV Team

ZappoTV [] – the Mobile Media Center for Your TV

ZappoTV and ZappoTV HD Version 1.3.2 is Available

June 26, 2011 by

ZappoTV Version 1.3.2 is now available on iTunes.


Bug Fixes and Stability Improvements:

With the latest update of our app, ZappoTV and ZappoTV HD are more stable and better than ever before.  This thanks to all of you who reported bugs and submitted crash reports to us. So, “Thank You” for helping us! …

Next to fixing bugs and implementing some stability improvements, we have added a couple of things as part of the last few updates that we would like you to know about:


Some Things To Know:

Next to the various supported TVs, Devices, and Media Center Solutions, ZappoTV now also supports AirPlay.  This means that you are now able to watch your videos on TV using your AppleTV.


Automated Crash Reports: Our goal is to make our app as stable as possible.  If for some reason, your app encounters a crash, the next time you launch ZappoTV, you will be asked to submit the latest crash report to us. Please do so when asked as this will help us in identifying possible issues that exhibit themselves in certain situations and devices.


Submit Application Log: Some of you send us e-mails with questions or to report a bug. If you would like to let us know if a bug, please send us your application log.  Once we receive your application log, one of our engineers will be assigned to looking further into your specific case. When submitting an application log to our team, you are able to provide some additional feedback or message to clarify the issue or to provide details related to the found bug.  Submit your application log at ZappoTV > MyZappoTV > Settings > Send application log to ZappoTV


See you on ZappoTV!


ZappoTV HD at Your Service

June 26, 2011 by

If you have an iPad or iPad2, we now have the dedicated ZappoTV app for you to enjoy. With the bigger screen, you are now able to browse for content to watch, while actually watching a podcast, video, or photo on the iPad at the same time. When launching the application, your viewing history is displayed letting you quickly select a previously watched photo or video.

Check out ZappoTV HD on iTunes and let your friends know about us [].

Watch/play your podcasts, videos, photos, or music on your TV!

If you do own an AppleTV, you can now also watch your videos on your TV using AirPlay.

For those of you who have a Samsung or Sony DLNA Internet-Enabled TV, you will be able to watch your content straight on the big screen without needing an additional device.

With the launch of ZappoTV HD, we now support the following devices and media center solutions:

• Western Digital Media Players (WD TV Live, WD TV Live Plus, WD TV Live Hub)
• Samsung Connected TVs
• Sony Connected TVs (only audio and images, no video)
• Microsoft Xbox 360 (using Media Center Extender)
• Popcorn Hour and Popbox

For more information, please visit

See you  soon on ZappoTV!


AirPlay now supported in ZappoTV 1.3

June 24, 2011 by

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Streaming to AppleTV works now from the ZappoTV app!

When you have an AppleTV on the same local network, you can start a music or video stream on your iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad.

In the video / music player, you will see a button for AirPlay. Click on it and the music or video will be sent to your AppleTV.



ZappoTV 1.2 – the Mobile Media Center for Your TV is Here

April 1, 2011 by

Finally!  We can now share the good news with you…
We released the updated version of the Mobile Media Center for Your TV.

ZappoTV 1.2 is now available on iTunes in the App Store.

What you will find is that lots of cool new features and supported devices are packed in this update.
Let’s give you a quick run-down of what’s New in Version 1.2

What’s New:
• Lots of bugfixes – There will always be more bugs to find and fix!  With your help we will do an even better and faster job finding them.
• New TV Playout Devices: Samsung DLNA TVs, Sony DLNA TVs, Popcorn Hour, XBMC and XBOX 360 (when in Media Center Extender Mode)
• Sharing media on Twitter, Facebook and Email – You can let your Facebook friends and Twitter followers see what you are watching or listening too. Or if you like, you can send quick e-mails to your friends.
• Playout of content on the iPhone / iPad / iPod touch – No supported device in the area?  No problem. You can now continue to use the ZappoTV app.
• Login to YouTube – If you have playlists, favorites, and videos on Youtube, you’ll like this enhancement.
• Create playlists for all media – Now you can enjoy your music without having to manually select another song.
• Create favorites for all media – This let’s you navigate to your content quickly!
• Option to send logs to ZappoTV – This is very handy when you encounter an issue and want to share it with us.  It will help us see what’s going on.

Some additional resources and Web pages that are now available include:

  • App Manual:  The manual contains many screenshots and detailed descriptions –
  • Supported Devices: An updated list of the ZappoTV supported devices –
  • Checklist: A handy reference in case you are encountering some issues when setting up your connected device or when you are trying to  use one of the supported media center solutions (i.e. XBMC, Xbox 360 in Media Center Extender mode) –

If you have not done so, like and friend us on Facebook, give us a nice rating in the App Store, follow us on Twitter and just as important, let us know how we are doing by reaching out to us on our feedback page [].  More private and personal feedback is also very much appreciated.  Simply send us an e-mail at   Thanks to much feedback we have received from people like you, we have been able to address most of the bugs that have been found thus far.
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See you soon on ZappoTV.

The ZappoTV Team
ZappoTV [] – the Mobile Media Center for Your TV

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